Chez Christophe - Easter 2017 Farmyard.jpg

Starting March 14th, a brigade of bunnies is hopping into the shop with his new, and definitely adorable, line-up of edible chocolate art including farmyard classics and five new bunnies: a royal guard, chef, carrot, hockey player, and lumberjack.

Chez Christophe has also partnered with the BC SPCA this season to spread the “make mine chocolate” message during Easter. Two dollars from each Roger Canuck chocolate bunny sold will be donated to the BC SPCA.

Three of the new chocolate bunnies celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary with its Canadiana features: En Guard ($24.95) which resembles a royal guard, a take on last year’s popular Eggmont the Mountie; a hockey playing Roger Canuck ($32.95); and Lucien Le Lapin ($36.95), a lumberjack with an axe.

Children and adults alike may also want to bring chef Rabbitouille ($24.95) into their homes or the carrot-costumed “What’s up, Doc?” ($29.95). 



Lucien le Lapin

Lucien le Lapin


Farmyard Friends  $19.95

En Guard $24.95

Rabbitouille (inclusive of 4 chocolates) $24.95

“What’s up, Doc?”  (inclusive of 5 chocolates) $29.95

Roger Canuck (inclusive of 5 chocolates) $32.95

Lucien le Lapin (inclusive of 6 chocolates) $36.95