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Sculptures are created onsite with our award-winning Swiss chocolate which is unique to Canada. These sculptures are completely edible and consist of hollow chocolate in its entirety, airbrushed with cocoa butter and featuring handmade bonbons from our chocolate collection.


Small  Caved Egg  (inclusive of 3 individual chocolates)  $17.95

Le Petit Poussin  (inclusive of 3 individual chocolates)  $19.95

Poulette  (inclusive of 5 individual chocolates)  $29.95

Eggmont the Mountie(inclusive of 5 individual chocolates)  $34.95 

Large Le Petit Poussin (inclusive of 5 individual chocolates)  $44.95 

Hop Hop the Bunny (inclusive of 5 individual chocolates)  $44.95