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Sweet  & Savoury

Croissant $2.65

Pain au Chocolat $3.50

Brioche $2.75

Creme Salee - a brioche base covered with caramelized pastry cream $3.45

Chausson aux Pommes - Our version of an apple turnover $3.45

Cinnamon Pull Apart - Our version of a cinnamon bun, croissant dough tossed in caramelised sugar and cinnamon $3.45

Ham and Cheese Croissant $3.95

Pain au Chocolat with Hazelnut $3.85

Double Baked Almond and Chocolate Croissant $4.65

Double Baked Croissant with Pecan Maple Syrup $4.65

Double Baked Pain au Chocolat with Hazelnut Cream $4.65


Weekend Specials

Ramequins au Fromage with Swiss Gruyere $3.75

Veggie Tart $3.75

Pistache et Chocolat Escargot $4.75